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Why Robotics?

The future of science belongs to Robotics. Everything in the world is being robotised. Robots have found their way into manufacturing cars to packaging pickles. Routine manual tasks are performed by robots in a jiffy. Companies are adopting Man Minimum and Machine Maximum strategies. Quality Robotics Training for students is the need of the hour. RoboLearn is Education pioneers in imparting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) based robotics training for school students.

The STEM based robotics learning system make learning science interesting and fun filled. The concept based learning system helps students to understand scientific concepts as they build robot models.

Robotics programs teach:
- Fundamentals of engineering
- Core understanding of technology
- Science of mechanical systems and materials
- Electronics and electrical systems
- Programming concepts and logical applied math
- Soft skills like teamwork, leadership and problem solving

Robolearn's robotics programs deliver these core concepts through crafted curriculum and project based learning.

Robolearn learning programs use robotics as a vehicle to convey the principles of engineering in a way that generates excitement and enthusiasm for the engineering field.

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